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Our factory

The Ennolys Production Site

A subsidiary of the Lesaffre Group, Ennolys is a biotechnology company based in the South West of France. Specialized in the microbiological development of natural ingredients, our products are intended for the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets.

The ENNAROM and ENNATECH activities come from the transformation of natural substances by selected yeasts, fungi or bacteria  and QPS.

These skills also benefit shared projects with the group including the production of yeast and enzymes that are marketed internally by Lesaffre.

Ennolys in figures


30 years of experience

picto 85 employés

More than 100 employees


More than 25 countries

The Ennolys key dates

  • 1992

    Safisis creation, a Lesaffre subsidiary for aromatic molecules

  • 1998

    Implementation of the distillation workshop

  • 2004

    Availability of the fermentation service contract departments

  • 2014

    Inauguration of the Vanillin workshop

  • 2015

    Safisis becomes ENNOLYS and its 3 brands become Ennarom;  the natural aromatic molecule range, Ennallin; natural Vanillin e.g. ferulic acid, Ennatech;  sub-contracting service

  • 2016

    Installation of a freeze dryer and two new fermenters

2017: Installation of the second freeze dryer

2019: Extension of the vanillin workshop

2020 : New logistics warehouse

New vanillin fermentation line