About us - Ennolys
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About us

Ennolys is a Lesaffre Business Unit that combines two activites related to fermentation

Ennolys develops a wide range of natural aromatic molecules, including the vanillin intended for aromaticians,
the food industry, perfumery and nutraceutical industries.

Solutions that make sense

Ennolys provides sense and scents by blending passion and knowledge : in fermentation, naturality ensured by the selection of natural raw materials, rigorous technological requirements, flexibility and respect for the environment through ISO 14001 certification.

Our factory

Established in 1992 and based in the south-west of France, our plant, with more than 85 employees, specializes in the microbiological development of natural ingredients.

Human Resources

Ennolys is constantly developing and continually seeking technical profiles such as production technicians, fermentation project managers, and maintenance technicians.

Quality, security, environment

Ennolys is committed to a quality policy to ensure food safety, traceability and a performance level in line with the process and applications. The company is committed to a management and environmental policy in the broadest sense.